This blog accompanies an eTeacher event ‘create, connect – blog’ which aims to help South Australian classes to share their learning online
– locally and globally.

This blog welcomes access to all learners, classes and educators including and beyond those within the DECS (SA government) system. DECS schools and preschools are encouraged to freely register via this link then click ‘Create, Connect – Blog’.
There is also a guest login.
*** Everyone is encouraged to contribute to this blog and event through comments to posts and pages – the ‘ideas’ page might be a good spot to share your thoughts. ***

changing colours ball 

Follow three simple stages to exploring and developing online communication
Click the pages (above) for each of the following

CREATE: A class blog  is created (an online shared website)
 – student and teacher collaboration leads to how it will be used.

Classes interact through each others’ blogs for combined friendship and learning.

Starter and extension activities are suggested to begin this ongoing journey.

   changing colours ball
Posts Page

About the event
It really is early days with many ideas planned for the future. I believe in the concept of connecting classes using web 2.0 software. It is my intent to continue to develop this site whilst retaining it’s simplicity
– Al Upton

Ideal for rich online learning and collaboration
making it happen in 2007
create, connect – blog 2007 flier  59 KB

About Al – I’m a teacher at Glenelg School (Adelaide, South Australia) with a passion for professional learning, computer games in education and exploring the role of emerging technologies in education. My focus is catering to busy teachers with time commitments, crowded curricula and often elusive lives of their own. My miniLegends class are Year 3 students – 8 and 9 year olds.
I am also an eTeacher with the Technology School of the Future.
I have three blogs
http://alupton.edublogs.org/ minilegends class blog 2007
http://alupton.wordpress.com/ class/resource blog 2006
http://ccclearning.edublogs.org/ educational dialogue

Right click (open in new window) the subpages on the right to learn more about the images I have taken, chosen and created for this event. They also are an example of something classes could share online – an ‘artistic representation’.
Click the create, connect and blog pages for more – Cheers, Al

*** To help you be mindful of ‘safe and savvy’ internet use
– please read the internet safety subpage on the right

[nb ‘Listen to this podcast’ works on posts but NOT on pages at this stage]

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