Broken Hill Sculptures

The Broken Hill Sculptures seen in the header of this blog symbolise enormous community collaboration and support – locally and globally. To me they represent the creative power and connective networks that exist within the ‘edublogosphere.’ 
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As much as I love the whole sculpture site, this is the sculpture that I’ve connected with the most.
I believe in bringing something personal into your sharing and blogging experience.

Detail of two hands and some native tracks 
Detail of ‘Facing the Day and Night’
by Eduardo Nasto Luna – Mexico City, Mexico

Facing the Day and Night the ‘Wedge Tail Eagle’ side – can you spot the hands?

Broken Hill Sculptures long shot Which one is ‘Facing the Day and Night’ ?

Rock formation found near the Broken Hill Sculptures 
A great natural rock formation I found leading up to the sculpture site.

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‘Facing the Day and Night’
by Eduardo Nasto Luna – Mexico City, Mexico

“Whilst creating his work in the Outback, Eduardo was especially impressed with nature and her elements, especially the silence and solitude of the site. He badly injured his hand while working on this piece, so it became a collective work with input from Catherine Mould, Badger Bates and Herbert Shiner. The work represents a monumental head that looks toward the dawn sun. Behind, the Dove of the Night symbolizes darkness. To one side, the Wedge Tail Eagle symbolises spirituality, height, strength and freedom. The hands represent those of the sculptors. ”

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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