making it happen – (blog)  – building on the opportunity  

the ongoing journey

– these pages are under construction. Explore the subpages on the right …
Class Blogs – World     Class Blogs – Aust and NZ     Class Blogs – South Aust

In the comments of these pages, please add your own class blog,
other class blogs that are already publicly online, 
any ‘class blog’ resources you can think of
AND encourage others to add their class blog.
I will transfer comments over to the actual page for others to peruse and use. Cheers, Al


also to be added here …
additional links re blogging and extension activities for this and future events
eg adding podcasts and videos, other ways to use blogging (eg for professional learning),
inviting ‘experts’ and other classes to share blogging experiences using CENTRA videoconferencing

NB evidence of participating in this event (no obligation but if you’re with DECS please do so to support this opportunity) will be seen through registering, comments and posts on this blog, participants’ own class blogs and communications with me – Good luck, keep in touch – Al

To register go to
then click ‘Create, Connect – Blog’

[nb ‘Listen to this podcast’ works on posts but NOT on pages at this stage]

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