getting setup  –  (create)  – providing the opportunity

➡  A web-log (personal online writing space) … written in chronological order – most recent ‘posts’ first. Others can add comments to the posts.
Used for as many interests as there are in the world.
Google it!
Now education is catching up. ) 

Blogs are often centred around a theme using the authors own voice

[Two hints:
Right-mouse-click allows you to ‘Open in New Window’ and ‘Copy Shortcut’
‘Alt + Tab’ will show you what other windows you have open.]

Click on each picture and follow it on your own blog as you create it in 
Students can make their own blogs with

(scroll down to the bottom ogf the page for some screenshots)

01 ccb day 1 ‘create, connect – blog’ on day one
[click to enlarge – click the back button to return here
– hover mouse over picture to read]  

changing colours ball

I made  in

 31 create your blog - bottom left corner Click this link to create your own blog.
(right click to open in new window)
For now click ‘Create your edublog’ in the bottom left corner – have a look at the help files when you have time 

32 username cant be changed eg connect Add your username and email
nb your  username cant be changed eg connect (as in

title can be changed later - sign up Your title can be changed later – click sign up

 email notification Email notification with your username and password to get you going
nb use to log into your DECS school

wikispaces-confirm.jpg Free wiki with Wikispaces – ignore for now
(Filtered in DECS schools and preschools)

05 login login (details from your email)

06 the dashboard - controls The dashboard – make your blog do what you want it to do from here

07 Users - add name info password Click ‘Users’ – add your name, info and change your password

09 update profile - always save changes Update your profile – always save changes

10 Options - change subheading tagline ’Options’ New tagline – change the words under your blog title eg my ‘Al Upton and the miniLegends’ blog has the tagline
’seeking connectedness, convenience and contact’ 

11 change time to 10dot5 update Change the ‘times in the weblog should differ by’ to 10.5 hours in SA

12 Presentation default theme In ‘Presentation’ you have the default theme

13 Header Image and Color You can change the ‘Header Image and Color’ (sic)

14 Sidebar Widgets when you want to play 
Sidebar Widgets for when you want to play later on with more features

15 Presentation Regulus theme In Presentation I use and recommend the ‘Regulus’ theme

15 Presentation Regulus theme Presentation Regulus theme – explore some options

16 Current Theme Options - header Current Theme Options – choose a new header and colour

17 Settings info and save Settings info and remember to save

18 click view site Now click on ‘view site’ (on the right of your blog title above)

19 Blog beginnings Blog beginnings – congratulations!

20 Your first post In the dashboard click ‘Manage’ 
now edit ‘Hello World!’ for your first post

21 add title body and pic if want Add a title, some words in the post body
and upload a picture if you want

22 click in editor - then send to editor To add a picture to the post, click in editor/body of post – then click ‘send to editor’

23 click save and continue editing Click ‘save and continue editing’

24 scroll down Post Preview scroll up Save Scroll down to Post Preview. If it’s okay, scroll up and Save

25 New Post add category publish In ‘Write’ add a ‘New Post.’ You can also add a category then publish eg SA class blogs, collaboration, literacy … (these make useful tags and are useful later)

26 right hand menu - under Meta click Site Admin In the right hand menu – under Meta – click ‘Site Admin’ to get back to the dashboard

27 New Page In ‘Write’ add a ‘New Page’. Give it a title etc then click ‘view site’
 In the right menu for ‘ New Page’ is ‘Page Parent’ – here you can choose where to put the new page IE sub-pages, a hierachy

28 Dashboard Blogroll Add Link In the dashboard click ‘Blogroll’ then ‘Add Link’
try adding these examples
Description: ’create, connect – blog’ eTeacher event 
Description: Al Upton’s class and resource blog 
Description: Al Upton’s educational dialogue blog
Think about which category you want the links in – you will have created these when you made posts or when you go into ‘Manage’ – ‘Category’

29 Manage Pages edit About Click ‘Manage’ then ‘Pages’ then edit the ‘About’ page. Add some details about you, your class and your shared blog

30 connect edublogs org 
Develop your blog and please cionsider sharing your journey and learning.


For more go to   My resources page  and read this url to see where it goes.
Good luck and remember to ask for help or send in ideas.
Comments to my posts and pages are great and I am notified of them all.
Emails are also welcome.

Best strategy: Read other peoples blogs. If you like what they say, check out their blogroll to see who they are interested in. Make a comment. Link back to your own blog.
Collect blogs you want to follow easily – take a one stop shop approach eg Bloglines
Cheers, Al

➡ Click here to read a great summary by Stephen Hargadon of his interview with Will Richardson
whose bloglines can be found here
It’s a great place to start looking around.

[nb I have planned to create a number of tutorials to support this event and possible extentions of it eg invite an expert who uses blog with their class (esp overseas) to join in an videoconference discussion, create new pages like FAQ – frequently asked questions … How do I make a comment? How do I add a picture? etc.
For much more right now go to my resources page on my class blog –  Al]

changing colours ball

02 extra blogs for as many extra blogs as you need     
03 create EXTRA blog 
04 EXTRA blog success extra blog success

00 learnerblogs for student blogs    
000 username and email username and email etc

[nb ‘Listen to this podcast’ works on posts but NOT on pages at this stage]

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